Friday, July 08, 2011

update... and a sprint triathlon registration!!

So, it's been a bit since I updated. I wasn't able to run the marathon in May due to a calcaneus stress fracture. I had to see my orthopedic doctor and got to wear my bedeazzled boot again... not fun.

You have now been updated with the down and dirty of my heartbreak over that whole ordeal. That brings us to July. Hot hot HOT July. My goals for this year were a marathon and triathlon. The marathon didn't go quite as planned, HOWEVER, I have officially thrown my hat into the ring for the triathlon. I am registered for a sprint triathlon at the beginning of October. I've found a training plan and will be starting ASAP! I'll do my best to be a good little blogger and do weekly updates on my progress. :) While I train for the sprint triathlon I will also be doing a fun little ditty at the end of July... The Dirty 30! I can't wait!!

Here we go!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weeks 4-9... I am such a bad blogger!

So, it's been a bit. Can I just say oops? Rather than post all my stats (which would take forever), I'll just use this update as more of a generalized update. Between January 30 (day after my last blogged run) and March 13 (today, even though my last run was March 11), I have run 18 times for a total of 98.67 miles. I should have 24 runs for a total of 149 miles. I missed a couple mid week runs because of my work schedule and my refusal to do anything over 3 miles on the treadmill now (there's something about my form on the treadmill that is no bueno!), one 12 mile run because of a stomach bug, and 3 runs this week because of an injury. The missed runs this week include today's 16 mile run.

I'm not exactly sure what is wrong with me. An old ankle injury started bothering me on my Friday run last week (March 4). I cut the run a little short to let it recover for my long run Sunday. It was doing OK until about mile 5 on my Sunday (March 6) run. I think I changed my gait to allow me to keep running with less ankle pain, which helped... for a bit. Then my heel/back of my foot/ankle started having serious pain around mile 10. I, like an idiot, was too stubborn to stop. I finished the run (14.5 miles) but after cooling down could hardly bear weight on it without severe, shooting pain. The pain continued into Monday as I hobbled around work all day. Fine, I though, I'll take a couple days off to let it heal. So I skipped the Tuesday and Thursday runs. It still hurt but was definitely feeling better so I thought, let's try the Friday run before heading out on my 16 mile run Sunday. I only ran 2 miles Friday because the pain became so horrible I knew I couldn't finish my planned 4 miles. I actually got out my crutches Saturday because I couldn't bear weight on it all without almost crying.

I have googled heel pain but none of the "regular" running injuries seem to have my symptoms. I am going to take a full week of running off (which as I said earlier, includes the 16 I was supposed to do today). Depending on how it's feeling as the week progresses, I may even suck it up and make a trip to the doctor to see if we can figure out what is going on. You can be damn sure that I will be running 26.2 miles on May 1, though! I'm just hoping I can do the half marathon I wanted to do next weekend, too. I promise to be a better blogger from now on and will keep you updated on my recovery and the rest of my training!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Week 3... Could have been better.

So, I'm late posting for week 3... I've been fighting a bug or something and haven't felt great so I haven't made time to write.

Week 3 started out strong but turned "meh" towards the end. I slacked a bit this week and I finally realized I NEED water when I run.

Monday, January 24
Miles - 3.00
Total Time - 00:36:51
Average minute/mile - 12:17
Location - YMCA Treadmill (combo of 1.0 and 1.5% incline)
Thoughts - A good run! My average minute/mile keeps getting better!

Wednesday, January 26
Miles - 4.00
Total Time - 00:48:52
Average minute/mile - 12:13
Location - YMCA Treadmill (1.0% incline)
Thoughts - A great run! I felt AMAZING afterward and once again, I beat my best average pace.

Thursday, January 27
I suck. I skipped running Thursday with a plan to make it up on Friday. Friday started with a hangover (I'm being honest!) and was filled with some exciting stuff (which I can't share quite yet) all of which did not include a 3 mile run ... like I said, I suck. I won't let it happen again! If I miss a run it will be because I (or someone close to me) am sick or injured, no other excuse will work! Hold me to this!

Saturday, January 29
Miles - 7.02
Total Time - 01:32:04
Average minute/mile - 13:07
Location - Lake Hefner
Thoughts - Oh my. This run started out strong but unfortunately went the way of the crapper. It was an amazingly beautiful day (76 degrees in January!) and I saw my friend, Nathan, who is also training for the marathon! All was well... until I became so incredibly thirsty. I could not think about anything but a drink and my mouth was so dry. I think it happened around the 3 mile marker and I had no options (unless I wanted to climb the wall and drink straight from Lake Hefner!). So by the end of the run, I was a bit dehydrated and could only run for short bursts. My legs felt like they were a million pounds each. No bueno. So, my average pace suffered. This has been remedied.

So, that's week 3. On Sunday, I went to my FAVORITE running store, Red Coyote! I bought myself an Amphipod hydration belt. I haven't had a long run to try it yet but I know I am going to LOVE it. No more situations in which I am without water!

All this running has another plus to it... I've lost almost 5 pounds in 3 weeks! Woo! Now if only I would start eating better (I need to find a good, healthy eating plan for all this running...), I'm sure that number would continue to grow! I'm definitely not trying to lose a ton of weight but I am looking forward to slimming down and toning up in time for summer while I train for my marathon! :)

Because of my "tardiness" on this blog, I partially know what week 4 holds. It is off to a good start but this crazy winter storm is going to affect my schedule. I WILL NOT miss a run this week though. I may be on the treadmill ALL week (yes, even for long runs... boo) because of snow covered trails and crazy low temps (wind chills in the negatives!) but you can bet when I blog on Sunday that I will have completed all four of my runs! Here's to a kick ass week 4... treadmill and all!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

And Here's to Week 2!!

Well, week 2 of training has come and gone! I put in a total of 16.30 miles this week and I kept all of my average minute/mile times under 13:00 minutes! This is something that makes me happy because every little bit I take off of my average time gets me closer to my goal pace. Other than my left ankle feeling a bit sore today, I am feeling great!

Monday, January 17
Miles - 3.25
Total Time - 00:40:13
Average minute/mile - 12:22
Location - Ardmore Regional Park
Thoughts - A good run! It was a nice day. My time would have been better if I would have either paused the time at the stop light both ways OR not have been stuck at the light both ways for pretty much the entire light cycle. Oh, and an ant bit me while I was cooling down and stretching by my car... it freaking hurt!

Wednesday, January 19
Miles - 4.01
Total Time - 00:51:33
Average minute/mile - 12:51
Location - YMCA Treadmill
Thoughts - Went OK. Definitely my worst run of the week. I was crazy thirsty on this run. I didn't drink enough water and I had a salty lunch. I didn't pay attention to my note to self last week I guess! Lesson officially learned! I did keep my average time under 13 minutes though, so that's a plus. :)

Friday, January 21
Miles - 3.00
Total Time - 00:37:13
Average minute/mile - 12:24
Location - YMCA Treadmill
Thoughts - This was supposed to be a Thursday run but my schedule got screwed up and I didn't get to run on Thursday. I was a little worried about it being right before my "long" run of the week so I did take it a little easy. I was happy with this run.

Saturday, January 22
Miles - 6.04
Total Time - 01:15:53
Average minute/mile - 12:34
Location - Ardmore Regional Park
Thoughts - I was very happy with this run! I felt really good during and after and I kept my average minute/mile down! One negative to this run was that one of my shoelaces, which I always double knot, un-knotted and loosened (never actually completely untying). This caused my shoe to loosen and I managed to rub a blister on the bottom arch of my right foot. Silly me, I didn't stop because the "looseness" of the shoe wasn't obvious and since I didn't see shoelaces flopping around, I didn't stop to tie it. Another lesson learned, right?

At the beginning of the week, Saturday's run had me a bit nervous (actually every Saturday run has me nervous, haha) because last week wasn't great. This Saturday's run actually made me pretty excited, though. It helped me realize that this is only week 2! I still have 14 more weeks to get ready for this thing and I know I will keep getting better and stronger every week!

So, week 2 was a success! Here's to hoping week 3 is even better!

Monday, January 17, 2011

One week down!

I'm proud to say I survived week one! As you know, I am training for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon and am on a 16 week journey to prepare myself for the 26.2 mile run. During week 1, I put in 15.51 total miles! 10.2 of those miles were done on a treadmill because we had a serious arctic cold front come through this week and I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to temperatures in the 20's and wind chills in the teens. Chances are good I won't be running in these temperatures for the marathon on *May 1* so I'm going to be a baby and not train in those conditions!!

Before I give a the breakdown of my runs this week, I'd like to share my goals with you. I am hoping to finish the marathon in 5 hours, which I googled as being the "average" finish time for females. I know this is my first marathon and may not make that number but I like to dream big. ;) In order to finish in just over 5 hours, I need to have an average pace of 5.2 mph which is an 11:30 minute/mile.

Monday, January 10
Miles - 3.10
Total Time - 00:39:54
Average minute/mile - 12:52
Location - YMCA Treadmill
Thoughts - First run of the training program! Felt great, no complaints!

Wednesday, January 12
Miles - 4.00
Total Time - 00:54:08
Average minute/mile - 13:32
Location - YMCA Treadmill
Thoughts - Eek! I didn't drink enough water during the day and felt like crap about 1.75 miles in. Note to self - drink more water... especially on run days!

Thursday, January 13
Miles - 3.10
Total Time - 00:38:14
Average minute/mile - 12:20
Location - YMCA Treadmill
Thoughts - Better total time and average minute/mile than Monday! Felt great during and after!

Saturday, January 15
Miles - 5.31
Total Time - 01:11:48
Average minute/mile - 13:31
Location - Ardmore Regional Park
Thoughts - First outside run! Noticed a definite decrease in energy for the last 1.5 miles but nothing that can't improve! I had some Jelly Belly Sport Beans before this run... I am going to get several different gel packs and see which I like best to use as my runs get longer and for the actual marathon.

So, as you see I am definitely not the fastest or the best runner out there but that's part of the challenge! I wasn't very good at doing consistent runs in the months leading up to the start of my training due to various life events so I'm not disappointed with where I am. I am working on maintaining a steady pace throughout the run rather than start quickly and not have any energy left! I can do sprints all day but since this isn't a sprint, it won't do me any good! :) Looking forward to showing off my progress throughout these 16 weeks!

On to week 2!!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

And so it begins!!

Monday marks the start of my 16 week marathon training schedule!! On May 1 I will be ready to take on 26.2 miles! Eek!! I have some support for this one... my husband, Eric, and our friend, Nathan, have decided to take on the challenge with me! Support is nice but honestly, in the end it'll be up to me to complete the challenge! I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty nervous... but I'm definitely more excited than nervous!

And so it begins!! I am excited to have a place to share my adventure!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Week from H-E-L-L

Well, I thought this was going to be a productive, normal week. I was mistaken! I haven't been able to run all week because of my stupid abdominal pain but it's not like I've had a lot of free time anyways. I have been working 10-12 hour days pretty much all week. I made it to the weekend, though and enjoyed watching my Cowboys beat Tech Saturday, so that was a positive! :)

I am starting to feel better and my doctor and I are working on figuring out what is causing my pain, so that's all good. I'll keep it at that!

I *think* this week will be more like what I was planning on last week being but who knows... life is always full of surprises! I'm not going to complain too much though, I am fortunate to have a job that keeps me busy and allows me to afford trips and other luxuries in my life! I realize not everyone is as fortunate and I am thankful for my jobs and the life I have.

That said, I am looking forward to getting some good runs and workouts in this week, homecoming and a big game against Nebraska Saturday, and getting closer to our trip to Bonaire (less than 2 weeks!)!!